CTU Romances Never Work

So, I am searching teh internets for pictures of the deliciously hot Nina Myers when I came across this little info nugget on Wikipedia. Apparently, Sarah Clarke (the babe who played Nina) and Xander Berkeley (who played George Mason) are married!

My world started spinning and I collapsed on my living room floor. When I came to, this nugget gave me a brain aneurysm:

“As of January 2010, Sarah is seven months pregnant with her and Xander’s second child.”

Eh, what? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I hate you, George Mason! I’m glad you died in that plane crash!!!

24: Season 1, episodes 5-7

24_logo_season5s.jpg Note: As promised, I’ve begun watching Season 1 of 24 and am blogging on one episode a week episodes after I see them, as a run-up to Season 7. Remember, I’m pretending I know nothing about Seasons 2-6, so blah blah blah, yackety schmackety.

I know, I’ve been very remiss in blogging on Season 1. Life’s been busy.

But this weekend, as all the sick people in my house napped, I watched episodes 5, 6 and 7 in a row and am back in the action.

And action it was!

I’ll deal with this character group by character group:

First up: The Palmers.

OK, what is up with this family? They make the Clinton and Bush families seem normal. The entire family knows that little Palmer accidentally killed the man who raped his sister and that family hatchet man “Carl” helped them cover it up and no one thought Papa Palmer should know?

Of course, if he had known, this storyline wouldn’t be nearly so dramatic, but still. I think he needs to rethink his relationship with his family. His son obviously has major father issues; his daughter obviously doesn’t want to do anything to harm daddy; and Sherry, well, I appear to have been wrong about her.


Sherry seems to have a very conniving side to her. I’m guessing we’ll see more of that as time wears on. The true character of many characters here seems to be coming out only now.

The big Q: Will all Palmers be by David’s side for the early morning breakfast? We shall see.

Next up: Kim and Terri Bauer

Kim has flashes of not being an idiot, but just can’t sustain them.

Now that her remaining kidnapper (in these three episodes, the meaner — and less attractive, how fortunate! — of the two kidnappers is shot point blank in the head by Gaines) is on her side (he has been sweet on her from the beginning) is on her side, she has the chance to get outta there.

While I understand that she doesn’t feel like she can leave her mom, she would have a much better chance of getting Teri free, it seems, if she escaped with kidnap boy and got to her dad, telling him where Teri was.

As for Teri, how shocked was she to realize the guy she thought she was with was actually dead? And what a blow to Jack to find that out. He’s totally screwed. I can’t even fathom how he’s going to get out of this one.

Then we have: Jack Bauer & CTU

I’m not sure how the bad guys have managed to hook into every single camera everywhere. In the hospital, in CTU, etc. OK, I understand CTU, given that there’s a spy there, but in the hospital? How’d they work that out?

It seems obvious that Gaines & Co. are going to try to either have Jack kill Palmer himself or at least be framed for his death. Can’t imagine why else Gaines would be having Jack head over to the breakfast.

Of course, we’re not all that far into the 24-hour cycle, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work. We have a lot of day ahead of us. Dennis Haysbert is listed as a star, not a guest star, so I can only think he’s not going to die. At least, not so early in the day.

As for CTU, it seems that George Mason has come to recognize that Jack is not a total rogue and actually knows a bit of what he’s doing. I’m glad he finally trusted Jack a bit. I think that Mason isn’t as bad a guy as he’s appeared to be up until this point — perhaps the bad things he did were for a reason; Jack’s done some iffy things already that we’ve accepted because we know he has a good reason.

Totally stunned when Jack shot Nina, and even more so when Tony discovered Jack had given Nina a flak jacket and she got up and walked away from her would-be grave. Talk about a dramatic moment when he shot her. I was on the edge of my seat!

He obviously wanted to shoot her in the back because there’d be less of a chance of him missing the jacket and hitting her; in the front, the jacket could have slipped open and he could have actually shot her for real.

But what about Jamie? She obviously is the spy. Teri calls, gets her, asks for help escaping her kidnapper and Jamie sends the bad guys to get her. Wow. She’s one of the only people Jack actually did trust in CTU. Makes it a little more clear as to why she didn’t want Milo working on that key card (what an annoying person he was! But Eric Balfour, the actor, looked better than he did when he was on Six Feet Under and had a shaved head.).

Wonder who’s going to figure out she’s on the wrong side. My money’s on Tony. He’s kind of a jerk, but he does seem to have his head on straight and seems to want to actually do his job and do it well. And actor Carlos Bernard has finally stopped that weird “voice” he was using, a half-whisper that just sounded like he had a cold.

I think that wraps it up.

In all, an excellent three-episode arc. Plenty of drama and payoff. Can’t believe the fake Alan York killed Janet after all she’d been through to survive. The Nina killing was utterly dramatic and fabulous. The show’s definitely picking up steam.

24: Season 1, episode 4

24_logo_season5s.jpgNote: As promised, I’ve begun watching Season 1 of 24 and am blogging on one episode a week, as a run-up to Season 7. Remember, I’m pretending I know nothing about Seasons 2-6, so blah blah blah, yackety schmackety.Whoa. Even though it’s a bit cliched in the thriller genre, it was downright creepy when the van carrying a kidnapped Kim Bauer drove right past the car Teri Bauer and Janet’s dad were in. I just wanted to scream at the TV, “SHE’S IN THERE!!!”

I thought the whole side plot, though, of Teri and Janet’s dad (can’t remember his name, and I don’t really care enough to look it up, he seems so like a disposable plot point), was quite silly, however. I understand that if I were looking for my daughter I might feel as strongly as he did. But I’d also try to make nice with the cop in hopes that he’d come along and help us out rather than do everything in my power to antagonize him.

24-cast-season1.jpgTeri was far more reasonable, but I guess being married to a government agent makes it a little likely she’d understand how it all works.

OK, so Janet — I did heave a sigh of relief when the ambulance just happened by and picked her up (but it did seem weird that an ambulance would just be meandering around this totally deserted neighborhood at night, no?) just in the nick of time. Mr. Kidnapper Man preparing to shoot her was cold.

Kim, though I probably would have been screaming and fighting just as much as she was if I were kidnapped, just annoyed the bejeezus out of me. I wanted to slap her and was kind of relieved when Nice Kidnapper Man did. Gaines was an interesting addition; wonder if he’s telling the truth to Kim when he says she’ll be OK in a couple days if she goes along with him.

Speaking of, knock me over with a feather when the bad guy Jack helps capture spills that he knows something about Kim’s kidnapping. What on earth could her kidnapping have to do with David Palmer’s assassination? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the keycard was supposed to have information regarding the assassination plot on it, and that’s where this address came from. Color me curious.

Jack sure was.

He was also pretty torn up that that cop was killed. He felt really badly about it; here he was, trying to do his job and this cop was just trying to help him out and what does she get for her trouble? Death.

The question is, was the janitor working with the bad guys? Was he there to distract the cop so the bad guy could get the drop on her? What connection does this building have to the assassination attempt (or Kim’s kidnapping, for that matter) anyway?

As for the assassination attempt, really glad Palmer’s taking it seriously. Agent Pierce, despite not having many answers, finally managed to impress upon him that this wasn’t just a bunch of rumors, but some good intel. What he or anyone else can do about it, I’m not so sure.

While I understand Palmer’s desire to not hide on Primary Day, what good does winning the election do if you’re dead? I had the feeling Pierce really wanted to say that to him.

As for Palmer’s son, I think that David does indeed wonder if his son killed the guy who raped his sister (what is this, 24 or All My Children?), and I have a feeling it may turn out to be true. But even if Kevin’s former therapist is telling the truth, isn’t it a huge breach of ethics for him to say that? What ever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality?
Back at CTU, things are getting very interesting. Is Jack indeed a rogue agent? We know he isn’t lying to Jamie in that Walsh told him he could trust Jamie and not anyone else. But George Mason made some major points with Nina, asking if she would ask the same of Jack as he’s asking of her.

It seems pretty sure that Mason’s a bad guy, but is he the bad guy? Hmmm. Lots of stuff to ponder.

Season 1, episode 3

24_logo_season5s.jpgNote: As promised, I’ve begun watching Season 1 of 24 and am blogging on one episode a week, as a run-up to Season 7. Remember, I’m pretending I know nothing about Seasons 2-6, so blah blah blah, yackety schmackety.

So, Nina’s not the spy. Knew it. I wonder, though, if Jamey might be. She’s obviously the computer expert and also is the one who confirmed it was Nina. I know that Walsh said Jack could trust Jamey, but how did he know that?

And if Jamey isn’t the spy, then who? Tony, perhaps?

And if neither of them, it’s a total mystery to me.

Or what about this — could Walsh have been the mole, throwing Jack off the trail by putting him on the case? Far-fetched, I know, but wouldn’t that be a juicy storyline?

24-cast-season1.jpgAnyway, coulda knocked me over with a feather when Mandy and Bridget just suddenly started making out. I know more than one man-boy who must have liked that scene just a little too much. Made it all the more shocking when they killed Bridget and Mandy went along with it.

I couldn’t tell if Mandy knew it was going to happen, if that’s why she’d said she would take the matter up with Gaines, or if she just recognized that she was obviously the next target, so why not save her own life? She did seem to truly love Bridget.
Another interesting aspect to the Mandy storyline is that she doesn’t seem to really be a simply evil person, she’s just a mercernary. She simply is in it for the money; doesn’t care who’s hurt. I don’t know that that matters, but it was interesting. She’s not drawn into this from a political standpoint.

Anyhow, over to Kim.

She’s not as much of an airhead as she first appeared.

Sure, she’s a typical teenager, sneaking out to party with some strange boys, etc., etc. But she figured out pretty quickly that something wasn’t copacetic.

Pretty out of hand when the guys shot up her friend with junk to stop the pain. I do find it hard to believe, however, that her friend would have been able to run like that so soon after being shot up. A tad unrealistic, I think.

But that said, Kimberly really got her act together and got the two of them out of there. It did seem kind of obvious that Mr. Crack Whore would help them out, but that was a pretty shocking manner in which he helped. I guess he remembered a day when he wasn’t walking the streets cranked up (or down) on whatever drugs and actually had a family. Whatever. That was a little cheesy.

I had a hard time accepting the shocking final scene, too, where Kim’s friend suddenly inhaled deeply and woke up. Sure, she could have survived being hit. But her sudden return to consciousness seemed a bit bizarre and unrealistic.

Whatever the case, it brought her back into the clutches of the bad boys, who seem to be working with Gaines, which means whoever wants Palmer dead also wants to have Jack Bauer under his control. Curiouser and curiouser.

Finally, we have Mr. I Want To Be President.

So, the son’s a hothead. I wonder what the truth really is about his friend who died from falling out a window. Is Palmer telling himself the truth when he says his son didn’t push the guy out? Who, exactly, is Carl?

Oh, by the way — wow, when Palmer caught the bat that thug swung at him. What’s his damage? Must be former Special Forces or something like that. Would love to see him kick some butt.
Palmer is being a bit naive if he thinks he can just prevent this stuff from being aired in the public sphere. I mean, has he seen the last few campaigns for … anything? Politics is nasty and if you have anything in your or your family’s past that doesn’t involve the honor roll or saving kittens from a fire, it’s gonna get brought up and your name’ll be dragged through the mud. Heck, even in those cases, someone might accuse you of cheating your way onto the honor roll and setting the fire just so you could save the kittens and be a hero.

Palmer needs to be honest with Sherry, though. She needs to be aware of what’s going on. Keeping secrets like this never help.

Just curious, though — how did the Secret Service find Palmer? How would they have had any clue where he was? Could they trace his cell signal? Track his car? Huh?

Until next week….

Season 1, episode 2

24_logo_season5s.jpgNote: As promised, I’ve begun watching Season 1 of 24 and am blogging on one episode a week, as a run-up to Season 7. Remember, I’m pretending I know nothing about Seasons 2-6, so no snarky comments about how I’m an idiot because I think Tony’s a jerk or Sherry Palmer’s a stand-up woman. Ahem.

Wow. I honestly have to say I was shocked when Nina Myers’ name came up as the potential mole. I’d suspect Tony before Nina. I mean, why is he so intent on finding out what Jack is doing?

But besides the fact that Nina seems so unlikely as the mole, I find it hard to believe the truth about that would come out in only the second episode. I’m thinking there’s got to be more to this. Unfortunately, the body count is already stacking up and two people died in getting this information into Jack Bauer’s hot little hands. Nice toss by Walsh.
I wonder if someone else (Tony seems a likely suspect, especially considering he’s dating Nina) used Nina’s computer to encode the Palmer info on the keycard to frame her in case the information ever came to light.

24-cast-season1.jpgMeanwhile, we check in on the probable future president or soon-to-be assassinated presidential candidate David Palmer. I like this guy, but really wonder what it is he’s trying to hide. What’s the story that the reporter called him on? Why’d he leave the hotel suite to meet up with this mysterious “Carl”?

Hopefully, Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce will track him down before any harm comes to Palmer. Pierce had a calming presence.

Mandy and her cohorts had the opposite effect.

What’s up with Mandy’s partner, refusing to hand over the goods? They’ve been paid. It seems to me, though, that bad people shouldn’t double-cross their evil partners. That never seems to work out well.

And this Jonathan is an awfully good shot (shooting an egg off a chain-link fence?!), so it doesn’t seem like it’s a good idea to piss him off too much. That was some pretty fast plastic surgery, though.

Lastly, we have Kim. It’s pretty obvious now that these boys aren’t just in it for a joyride with some drunk girls. While the girls’ virtue may be relatively safe, they’re in an awful lot of danger.

Janet just got at least one arm broken (can’t imagine anything less after being smashed against a car door with a tire iron!) and is totally drugged up. Kim seems to be kinda safe right now as the masterminds “don’t want her injured.”

But who are these “masterminds”? Are they connected to the Palmer assassination or are there two things going on at the same time?

And was there a weird bit of chemistry between Janet’s dad and Teri Bauer? Something strange between them.

Check back next week to see where things go from here.

The Who’s Who of 24 Villains

Blogs4Bauer has ranked the hottest women of 24, (you’ve gotta admit, there’s no reason whatsoever to rank the hottest men of 24, unless you conceded right off the bat that Jack’s No. 1 and everyone else is just sloppy seconds).

Anyway, now we’re looking at the people we love to hate. From we break down the top villains of our favorite show and reveal the Top 10 – 24 Villains of all time.

Today, we look at the hottest male villain. It was a tough call and Vladimir Bierko almost made it (sorry, Julian Sands), but I had to go in another direction.

syedali.JPGName: Syed Ali
Season: Two
Occupation: Leader of Second Wave, an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group.
First seen:
Last Seen:

Syed Ali recruited the woman who was perhaps the hottest female 24 villain (other than Mandy, OK Wyatt?), Marie Warner.

The best thing about Marie, however, was that her involvement brought us the best Bauer Girl yet, her sister, Kate Warner.

But this is about Ali. Sorry, got sidetracked.

Ali was the mastermind of the Season 2 plot to nuke L.A. (the bad guys didn’t get this accomplished until Season 6, remember).

Using intel from Nina Myers, Ali attacks CTU with C4 explosives to keep them busy and unable to investigate his bomb plot. Shockingly, this does not stop Jack.

Anyhow, Ali had planned to fly the Cessna loaded with the nuke all by his lonesome, the ultimate suicide bombing. But before he heads out to the airfield, he stops at a mosque to pray. Bad choice. That’s where Jack captures him and starts torturing him.

Given that Ali was about to nuke himself along with L.A., the torture’s not all that effective. So Jack ups the ante and sets up a video connection to Ali’s family, who are tied to chairs and being held by gunmen.

He still refuses to give Jack any info, so Jack gives the signal and Ali’s son is executed in cold blood. That works.

After George Mason (already dying of radiation exposure) sacrifices himself by flying the nuke over the desert to be detonated, the U.S. wants to retaliate against whoever’s reponsible. CTU raids Ali’s hotel room and finds a recorded conversation (henceforth known as the “Cyprus recording”) between Ali and high-ranking officials from his and two other unnamed Middle Eastern countries.

Michelle and Jack don’t believe the recording is real. Jack tells Ali that his son isn’t really dead. Ali again insists the recording is fake, but he’s then assassinated. Jack must then prove the Cyprus recording is fake.

This whole plot line leads to the removal of President David Palmer by his Cabinet under the 25th Amendment and his eventual reinstatement because, of course, Jack was right, he was right all along.

It turns out that Marie Warner helped Ali bring the bomb into the country, in part by funnelling at least $475K from her dad’s company to Ali for Second Wave. She shoots a CTU agent and her fiance, Reza, in cold blood to prevent the truth from coming out. But Marie’s ultimate motivations and how she got involved with Ali are never really explained.

Extra: Palmer’s temporary removal led to an abiding friendship with Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce, who became one of the coolest of the cool in later seasons. (Pierce was in Season 1 as well; he and Jack Bauer are the only two characters to appear in every single season so far. Here’s hoping he’s in Season 7.)

Also, Day 2 is set 18 months after Day 1 and is believed to take place in September 2005.

ALSO, this is the infamous cougar bait season. It has nothing to do with Ali, unfortunately, but has provided much wonderful humor for years.

Final Rankings (out of 10)
Meanness: 4
Coolness: 4
Reign of Terror: 5
Sexiness: 10
Total Points: 23