Sayonara Surnow

According to the Hollywood Reporter, 24 co-creator/executive producer Joel Surnow is leaving the show.

Surnow’s departure is effective immediately. He served as an executive producer on the first eight episodes of the real-time thriller’s seventh season that were produced before and into the strike but will not be creatively involved in the remaining 16 episodes, slated to begin filming shortly.

Other Projects Mr. Surnow is rumored to be working on include:

  • 12 – Where the protagonist is a woman and therefore twice as efficient as Jack Bauer.
  • 48 – Just like 24, but (you know) the show is twice as long.
  • Untitled - A group of federal agents in LA do nothing while a major American city is nuked.
  • Teams of Destiny – The true story of how the New England Patriots and Hillary Clinton took 2008 by storm.

Got any other projects you can suggest for Joel?  Post them in the comments.