The Official Blogs4Bauer #24LAD Liveblog! Hour 3

We are trying a new system for tonight’s liveblog. CiL changed quite a bit since we last used it for the Season 8 Finale, so we are going to try this WordPress plugin. There are a couple of things to note: 1)Only the B4B Contributors will be able to add to the actual liveblog, but… 2) I have enabled Disqus on the comments to make it easier for you folks to put your thoughts out here. 3)If you are on the front page you won’t see the liveblog; You have to go the the individual post, just click on the title and you can see all the wit and wisdom you’ve come to love from the good folks at B4B. 4)If this doesn’t work well, we find something else.

There’s still time to get your number in for tonight’s Kill Counter.

So, if everything is Tickety-Boo and I didn’t throw a spanner in the works, here we go!

10 Day Alert

Alright people, look sharp. We are down to 10 days and counting! Are you ready?

AmyV – how are the boxed wine supplies looking?
Lawhawk – check everyone’s briefs. Wait, what?
RFTR – make sure there’s gas in the generators.
Steveegg – Jack needs a dozen, over easy, an oven mitt, and a block of C4. He didn’t say why, and I’m not asking.
The Jack Sack – Get out the Neetsfoot Oil and put a shine on that man purse.
The Man – Well, you’re The Man. You should already know what to do.
TylerD. – You do that voodoo that you do so well.
V the K – Coffee. We’re going to need gallons of it. And flapjacks. Is it too early for flapjacks?
Wyatt Earp – You can try to find a loophole in Christina’s restraining order later.

The rest of you just get ready and tell your friends to check out and to like our Facebook page. Come on people, move. We’re running out of time!

Save Nashville

This post is not 24-related.

I live in New York, but I’ll always have a place in my heart for Nashville.  I lived in Nashville from the age of 4 till I moved to NYC a few years ago.  In those years, I had my first car accident on West End.  I watched my first NFL game (The Music City Miracle) in Nashville.   I got sick on funnel cakes at Opryland USA (now a mall, currently an underwater mall).  Nashville is a great city with great people.

As you may have heard, last weekend the mid-south was hit with a “500 year” storm that saw the Nashville area hit with 13 inches of rain in a matter of hours.  This has caused immense flooding on a scale never before seen in Music City.  My hometown, Franklin was also hit with flooding.  I saw images of the pool I used to work at, the pool is gone – the only thing above water is the top of the 6-foot fence that surrounded the pool area.  The images are heartbreaking.

The people of Nashville need your help.  Please help.

The Middle Tennessee Red Cross
(To make a $10 donation via text message, text the word “RED CROSS” to 90999)
WKRN has a list of places to help

Tell your friends, post about it on Facebook.  Tweet.


The barely literate writers of Variety report that FOX will announce this season as the end of 24 in the next day or so. No, I am not serious about the writers of Variety being barely literate, I just needed to lash out at someone. Maybe 24 Executive Producer Brannon Braga is to blame? He helped drag Star Trek into the gutter with his amateur bullshit. Anyway, I digress. 24 has 13 episodes left forever.

24 Season Premiere!

We’re posting this to go live a little early so if we feel like getting on during Human Target, we can. But the REAL action won’t start until 9 p.m.

If you would like to watch this in a separate, pop-out window, click here.

Former Senator/Current Cad John Edwards (N.C.) Eagerly Awaits “24″ Premiere

Historical footnote John Edwards was recently quoted as saying he was “really looking forward to the exciting return of Jack Bauer this Sunday.” Edwards, a one-term Senator who made millions suing the pants off of people, and causing insurance premiums and malpractice insurance rates to skyrocket in the once-quiet state of North Carolina, insisted that America really needs to focus on Jack Bauer this week.

This is also the same week that has seen the release of “GAME CHANGE” an “insider” look into the 2008 campaign for President, which gives an in-depth look at Edwards’ affair with New Age-flake/prostitute/filmmaker Reille Hunter. With all of this renewed attention on Edwards’ cheating behind the back of his cancer-suffering wife, the former VP-nominee insists that there are two Americas, one that worries about old news and the other which is focused on “that bitchin’ TV show, ’24!’”

And if you’re not a fan of “24,” Edwards suggests the alternative distraction of George Clooney’s Oscar-contending movie “UP IN THE AIR” about a shallow middle-aged man who ruins people’s lives and metaphorically opines that we need to “lighten the load in our bags.” What a load indeed…

Jack Bauer -vs- T-Bag

robert_knepper_prison_breakAccording to Robert Knepper (aka – T-bag from Prison Break), he was going to give up acting a number of years ago.  That is until Jack Bauer punched him in his face.

In hindsight, Jack Bauer should have punched the writers of Prison Break for keeping that show around so long.  I mean come on, they broke out of prison in season number 1.  End of show.

Tony Almeida: Good, bad or zombie?

Seeing as tonight’s the season finale and Tony pretty much looks like an evil zombie at this time – though, with 24, you can NEVER tell until the very very end – I thought I’d set up a poll. It’s cross-posted on my blog, so I think it will actually cache the poll results on both. Either that, or the internet will blow up. I will say in advance: Not my fault.