It’s been a hell of a run - It's been a hell of a runI’m sure the other contributors at B4B will be throwing their thoughts out for you, but let me be the first to say how much I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve been blogging here. I was honored to be invited to join the group several seasons ago, and to say that it has been an enjoyable time would be a gross understatement. As much as I loved the show, the ability to come by here and lay out my thoughts or read what others have written has outpaced the enjoyment of the show at times. I have particularly enjoyed the comments from our faithful readers. You have contributed as much to this effort as any of us. To all of the readers let me say “Thank you!”

I don’t know what will happen here. We haven’t really discussed it. I suspect it will go, like Jack Bauer, in to retirement. Whatever happens, thanks again for coming along for the ride.

Comments Please

Between Zombie Edgar’s death, Chloe’s baby, and this whole move from LA to NY, well, things have gotten a little lax in the B4B bunker/pool hall. Some mole opened a socket on our settings and checked the “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” box. At the same time that marvelous bastard left the “Anyone can register” box unchecked!

What that means is, if you’ve tried posting a comment here lately you’ve been as lucky as a Red-shirt at the CTU Christmas party — stuck in the corner with the other expendables and not a chance in hell of gettin’ you any.

The good news is that Chloe dropped Morris’ spawn off at Mommies Morning Out and fixed everything while waiting in line at Starbucks.

So leave some comments. Season 8 is only a week away.

My 24 – Season 7 Finale

And now a PSA from the management of this website.

I missed last week’s episode of 24 because my wife went into labor. 

I missed the season finale because we had to take my wife to the ER for high blood pressure.  Doctors telling you that your wife is at risk of a stroke is not something even Jack Bauer would be prepared for.  We have her on blood pressure medication now and will monitor her to make sure it goes down.  

You pregnant women out there (and the baby daddies) – check your blood pressure before and after you give birth. 

On a lighter note – thanks to the miracle of DVR, I was able to watch the season finale with my new son. 


Previously, On Blogs4Bauer . . .


The contributors here at Blogs4Bauer would like to congratulate The Man and his lovely wife on the birth of their son. Liam came into the world on Thursday, May 14th at 1:26am. Mom and baby are doing well, and The Man will soon know the meaning of “no sleep.”

Please join us in congratulating our good friend and co-blogger in the comments section.

Do Not Adjust Your Computer Monitor

And by all means, do not search out your office for moles. Blogs4Bauer was down for a while today, due to some technical difficulties. Techno-geek Jim is all over it, and we were back online faster than Jack can say “Dammit!”

Tonight’s LiveBlog WILL go on without a hitch at 9pm (EST), so stay tuned.

And if we suffer any more technical difficulties, we’ll strangle them immediately . . .


Theme Update

I’ve made a change to the theme here at because the old themes weren’t compatible with the latest version of WordPress. (In fact those themes haven’t been updated since 2006)

The logo at the top is the Season 6.5?/7 cast. . . as far as we know. I’ve also modified the comments so that they show the author’s gravatar, if they have one. If you don’t you can get one for free at the link above. I’ll add a link on the comments too.

Of course if you see anything looking weird, let me know. WordPress 2.5 Upgrade

Zombie Edgar has upgraded to WordPress 2.5 this morning. If he managed to avoid getting jelly donut all over the intertubes you really shouldn’t see much difference. Of course that’s a big if. Please let me know if you notice anything wonky, other than the usual writing around here. Can’t do anything about that. Sorry. You can email me at jim -at- 4bauer -dot- com or leave a comment on this post.

One thing that you can see is the new built-in gravatar support. If you have a free Gravatar account your image will show up next to your comments. At least it will when I shut off the local version in a week or so.


Talk Like Jack Bauer Day is on like Marwan

The writers strike may have put off Season 7 for now, but they cannot put off Talk Like Jack Bauer Day!

So for just one day, put down your manners and pick up that stapler. Find another use for that kitchen towel. The boss tells you to file a report, you tell him (or her) to talk to district because you have more important things to deal with. A co-worker needs 15 minutes of your time to go over a PowerPoint deck, tell ‘em that in 10 minutes we could all be dead…but sure go ahead.

TLJBD is on like Marwan. Spread the word, or else.


What is Talk Like Jack Bauer Day you may ask? Well it’s a 24-hour period where you talk (and act) like Jack Bauer.

For more information, please see our FAQ on the day by clicking here.

The People Have Spoken

52% of those voting in the most recent poll have asked for a Chloe based theme.

Blogs.4Bauer, as always, comes through. Not with a Chloe theme, but with two!

One note on the “Hot Dark Chloe” theme. I still have to do some tweaking to the css code to get the colors just right, but it should be viewable. Being color blind can be a pain sometimes.