Things Tim Howard Could Not Save

Now that soccer is over for the United States, the nation has turned to Twitter to see “Things Tim Howard Could Save“. Well America, Tim Howard cannot save everything (just ask Belgium).

So here’s to the things that Tim Howard could not save – the 24 edition.

Poor Edgar

Edgar would have hated the food in London.

Dammit – we do have enough time for a petition!

President….errr former President Heller just took a Hellfire missile in the teeth for freedom.  What did he get for it?  A new black hat?

We demand a silent clock for former President Heller and we are so serious, we started a petition on

Sign the petition, spread the word.  No silent clock, no peace.

heller 24

Rest in pieces sir.

Save Nashville

This post is not 24-related.

I live in New York, but I’ll always have a place in my heart for Nashville.  I lived in Nashville from the age of 4 till I moved to NYC a few years ago.  In those years, I had my first car accident on West End.  I watched my first NFL game (The Music City Miracle) in Nashville.   I got sick on funnel cakes at Opryland USA (now a mall, currently an underwater mall).  Nashville is a great city with great people.

As you may have heard, last weekend the mid-south was hit with a “500 year” storm that saw the Nashville area hit with 13 inches of rain in a matter of hours.  This has caused immense flooding on a scale never before seen in Music City.  My hometown, Franklin was also hit with flooding.  I saw images of the pool I used to work at, the pool is gone – the only thing above water is the top of the 6-foot fence that surrounded the pool area.  The images are heartbreaking.

The people of Nashville need your help.  Please help.

The Middle Tennessee Red Cross
(To make a $10 donation via text message, text the word “RED CROSS” to 90999)
WKRN has a list of places to help

Tell your friends, post about it on Facebook.  Tweet.


At the end of last night’s episode, just before Ernie Anastos previewed what would be on the 10pm news, The Jack Sack helped coin a new word that will become part of 24 lexicon forever.

In honor of his (and Wyatt’s) contribution, I’ve submitted “Wyattastic” to Urban Dictionary where millions of people looking for crude sexual innuendo will instead be taught about Wyatt’s penchant for liveblogging episodes of 24 where even Jack Bauer looks bored.

For example, as TJS stated, last night’s episode was “Wyattastic”.

Submit your own examples of using this new word in the comments.

Update: Urban Dictionary published an entry for Wyattastic.

Point/Counterpoint: Grandpa Bauer is a bad influence on Teri Bauer

Point: Jack Bauer is a bad influence on his grandchild
By: Grandpa Oscar

I’m a concerned grandparent who has been a fan of the show ’24′ from the start.  While I have enjoyed the years of senseless violence, I’m starting to wonder if it has negative consequences.  Take little Teri Bauer, Jack’s granddaughter.  I see that they are going to start spending more time together (in around 24 hours or so).  This worries me because of Jack’s history of violence against both terrorists and fellow family members (see Graem and Great Grandpa Bauer).

It should also be clear to Fox that Jack’s history of extreme violence has already impacted how Teri sees the world.  Just check out the picture she drew for Grandpa in episode 2 of this season.

If my grandchild drew a picture of her grandpa blowing the brains out of a cute blue stick figure, alarms would sound and Grandpa would not shoot people around the grand kids ever again.  I speak for most responsible adults when I say that Jack Bauer is not a good influence on Teri Bauer.  On a side note, Teri cannot draw for crap.

I’d also like to complain about this weather and my aching knees, but I have to take my Popular Science into the bathroom and have a bowel movement.  You know, they haven’t been the same since Korea.

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