IT’S OFFICIAL. 24 is back, but only for 12. For now.

CurtisThe details: 12 hours, over next summer, starting in May 2014.

The title: 24: Live Another Day (or half-day, as the case may be)

Kiefer will be on board.

Scary: A miniseries from M. Night Shyamalan called “Wayward Pines” will air afterward. Will all the people Jack kills be haunting the Pines?

Will they let Jack go to the bathroom? Will Chloe return? Will we find out that Kim was in WitSec and Mary Shannon was responsible for her being in Chicago and not remembering anything?

Will we get Zombie Nina? Zombie Edgar? Zombie Rickster? Zombie Red Hot?

Whatever. Your Blogs4Bauer team will be there and will be liveblogging the HECK out of these 12 hours. One thing they said to Entertainment Weekly is quite true:

The spine of the 24 episodes is about 12 hours. Those were big events that occurred and little connective tissue in between.

So that should mean lots of shooting and yelling, little exposition and boring episodes while they talk about “procedure” and crap.

What say you all? SO SAY WE ALL!