Kiefer must have shot someone in the knee to get this movie made

It’s on like Donkey Kong.

If Donkey Kong had a Glock and was shooting Mario & Luigi in the knees.

Yes, boys and girls, conservatives and liberals: 24 the movie is back on.

I read about it first on IGN, which lead me to the article that broke the news.

Producer: Brian Grazer (dude, what is WITH the hair?). About five directors are in the running.

Writer: Mark Bomback, yes, he of Live Free or Die Hard, Race to Witch Mountain and the new version of Total Recall. Welp. he knows how to blow stuff up, right?

The goal is to get the movie into production when Kiefer’s free again in April. No, he’s not in jail, just working on other stuff.

So, are we gonna live-blog this movie from the theater, guys?

  • Miyoko K

    Life really is worth living after all! Jack laughs at bathrooms. Bathrooms are for terrorists.

  • Robb Stech

    I LOVE “24″ so much! Been missing it since the epic season eight finale. Your post just made me so happy, haha.

    Actually, I was missing “24″ with such fervor, I shot a three-part sketch mini-series to honor the style. Would be honored if you guys check it out… (part one)

    Part three being edited together this week. : )

    Can’t wait for “24″, the movie!! Thanks Amy.

  • Robb Stech

    Haha… no one ever brushes their teeth, either.

    Jack Bauer hates dental hygiene! : )

  • Juan Paxety

    Just saw a promo for “Touch” and almost fainted – thought Jack was coming back. I guess he’s hiding out on the new show.

    I proposed live-blogging the movie years ago – I’m ready to go.