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Is This The End Of Zombie Renee? Caption Contest
(Source: 24 Wikia)

Caption this photo in the comments section before Renee’s body gets cold. The winners will be announced on Monday, April 19th. Good luck!

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Top Three Entries:
3. “This never happens to the guy on ‘Burn Notice.’” – Mrs. Crankipants
2. Knowing that Tony and Renee are doing it in hell, Jack breaks down. – Dick Lepre

WINNER! – “Today is like the 3rd worst day of my life.”Jack Bauer

  • Cwcoyne


  • http://blogs.4bauer.com Jack Bauer

    Today is like the 3rd worst day of my life.

  • http://blogs.4bauer.com Jack Bauer

    Damnit Renee – do you know how much this shirt cost, now it’s covered in your blood. Ruined!

  • nudniq

    Jack preparing Renee for entrance to Sto-Vo-Kor.

  • http://supportyourlocalgunfighter.com Wyatt Earp

    Jack winces at the realization that he f**ked Renee to death.

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  • Randal Graves

    It’s about damn time!

  • skidalot

    OMG a f**cking brain fart!

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  • http://paxety.com Juan Paxety

    I’m sorry, Renee. My tears flow, now that I am a liberal sissy. But you should have known – red hair, Red Hot, both are the same as red shirt.

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  • http://paxety.com Juan Paxety

    Dammit, this is the easiest scene I’ve done. As long as I remember there will be no more nude scenes with Annie, the tears flow freely.

  • Mrs. Crankipants

    This never happens to the guy on “Burn Notice”.

  • http://loanmine.com Dick Lepre

    Knowing that Tony and Renee are doing it in hell, Jack breaks down.

  • Sunny

    I have sex with a woman and she ends up dead. Dammit, I hate it when that happens.

  • http://paxety.com Juan Paxety

    Let’s see – first, Marilyn had to marry Gray, and Audrey turned into a leaf of lettuce, and like Teri and Nina and Red Hot are like dead and stuff. Could I be bad luck for my women?

  • http://www.wetookthebait.com Jeremy from We Took The Bait

    George tears up the minute he smells Valerie’s red onion-scented shampoo.

  • RogerDee

    Jack realizes that the writers fucked him… again

  • Sunny

    It’s deja vu all over again.