050.jpgPoint: Can I come back, please?
by: Agent Lynn McGill

I read on Blogs4Bauer that Tony Almeida is coming back for Season 7 and I think that’s really great. Tony was a real swell guy and never got a silent clock. Come to mention it, I never got a silent clock…can I come back for Season 7 as well. Please?

Seriously, I would really like to come back next season and I havebanner2.jpg some great ideas that would really help the writers of the show. Are you listening Manny Coto, you no-talent hack? Jack in Africa? What in the hell were you thinking?

The first thing I’d do is give me a better name, Lynn is a girl’s name and I was always getting teased by the CTU security staff. How does Lance Powers sound? Powers and Bauer, we could be nicknamed Bacardi and Baileys. Watch out bad guys – here comes Powers and Bauer! Sorry Jack, I meant Bauer and Powers.

I would also need an eye patch, a mustache, and a motorcycle. No make that two eye patches. Have I mentioned the midgets? We’d need at least three that would be there to serve us drinks and fetch babes. Then we need a cool black dude who’s only role is to wear aviator sun glasses and say cool things like “damn bro’ that’s gonna leave a mark” and “he did not see that coming“.

Well that’s all that I’ve come up with so far. There’s this one storyline involving an underground dolphin fighting ring, but I’ve yet to hear back from Brett Farve on his availability.

Powers out.

  • http://remote.lohudblogs.com AmyV

    Lynn, the viewer would need two eyepatches if you were to return.

  • http://tv.simplykimberly.com Simply Kimberly

    Silly, silly Lynn.

    You could never return because you do not possess the awesome power of the Soul Patch. Once worn, the Soul Patch imbues the wearer with supernatural ‘get out of death free’ abilities.

    You made a great sacrifice, but your time is done because you are a much lesser man than Almeida.

    After all, Almeida Is God.

    Viva La Soul Patch!

  • http://norunnyeggs.com steveegg

    Oh HELL NO! Tony’s never let his little sister take his security badge, which was then used to gas CTU.

    Oh, and if you ever came out of the grave, Favre would rip your head off and use it for a football.

  • http://fatelvis04.blogspot.com Justin

    It’s times like this I wish I were a Blogs.4Bauer writer… I want at this counter-point so bad.