• V the K

    “What do you mean ‘that wasn’t chicken?’”

  • Jack Bauer

    Audrey: Jack, there is a Chinese man in my split screen segment.

  • Sally

    I have to go with 24 in 24′s take: http://24in24.info/season6-11pm.php

  • yankz

    “Audrey, tell him his breath stinks! He’s really sensitive about that.”

    Also, ditto Sally.

  • Real Debate

    Penis nose, yes I see what you mean Jack.

  • Merol Meister

    I’d love to feel your nose raping my ass Miss Raines. You loved that too, didn’t you Mister Bauer?

  • Jack Bauer

    If I were a 24 Writer.

    Audrey: Jack, to save my life you have to steal a nuclear component.

    Jack: So if I don’t, they will kill you and I still get credit for saving the world?

    Audrey: JACK?

  • Anonymous

    Audrey: Jack, I’m sorry. I’ve met someone else.

  • Johnny Park

    “Mr. Bauer has no chance to save you. You wouldn’t know if he was right under your phallic nose, which he happens to be.”

  • NDwalters

    Jack do you owe them for an order of “flied lice?”