Jack Bauer Kill Counter. 24:LAD (Hour 12) Results


Last night’s series finale was one for the ages, and if you like it when the producers Release the Jacken, you were very pleased. Jack Bauer killed 19 people last night, including Cheng Zhi and 18 of his henchmen. Paxety guessed 12 kills in the Kate/Chloe post, so he was the closest without going over. Your lock of Michelle Dessler’s hair will be shipped to you shortly.

Through nine seasons, Jack killed more people than Cecil B. DeMille, smiting 306 on-screen. Some statistics of note:

* Ryan Chappelle is the only person killed by Jack to receive a silent clock.

* Only five of Jack’s on-screen kills (less than 2%) have been women: Nina Myers, Nicole, Dana Walsh, a Russian operative in Day 8: 12:00pm-1:00pm, and Margot Al-Harazi.

* Day 5: 5:00am-6:00am and 24: Redemption are tied for the greatest variety of methods (4) that Jack has used to kill someone in a single episode. In the former they were: gun shot, knife wound, burn wound, broken neck; and in the latter they were: explosive, gun shot, knife wound, broken neck.

Chloe Cleans Up!

Kate And Chloe Cleaned Up

Kate and Chloe glammed themselves up during an appearance at Universal Studios Hollywood this week.

She plays Jack Bauer’s most trusted colleague Chloe O’Brian who is far from glamorous and could blend easily into the crowd. However the same couldn’t be said for the actress who plays her, Mary Lynn Rajskub, who undoubtedly turned heads as she arrived at Universal Studios in Hollywood on Tuesday.

The 43-year-old made the most of her slim shape in a figure-hugging monochrome dress while signing autographs for fans alongside 24: Live Another Day costar Yvonne Strahovski.

I will need to set up a perimeter around these two, immediately!

Jack Bauer Kill Counter. 24:LAD (Hour 11)

Jack Bauer Shooting

We’re only two episodes away from the series finale, and while LAD had been a pretty good season, Jack has a paltry ten kills. I mean, really, The Big Bang Theory averages more than a kill an episode!

Any hoo, if you want to shoot a guess at tomorrow night’s death toll, feel free to do it here. The guess closest without going over will receive Simone Al-Harazi’s finger.

Things Tim Howard Could Not Save

Now that soccer is over for the United States, the nation has turned to Twitter to see “Things Tim Howard Could Save“. Well America, Tim Howard cannot save everything (just ask Belgium).

So here’s to the things that Tim Howard could not save – the 24 edition.

Poor Edgar

Edgar would have hated the food in London.

Dammit – we do have enough time for a petition!

President….errr former President Heller just took a Hellfire missile in the teeth for freedom.  What did he get for it?  A new black hat?

We demand a silent clock for former President Heller and we are so serious, we started a petition on Change.org.

Sign the petition, spread the word.  No silent clock, no peace.


heller 24

Rest in pieces sir.

Jack Bauer Kill Counter. 24:LAD (Hour 8) Results!

B4B Kill Counter

Another week, another hour of zero Jack kills. I’ve gotta admit, it’s getting pretty damned frustrating. The CIA nerd killed someone for cripes’ sake and Jack was left off the board? I declare shenanigans!

No winners this week, because you folks are so darned optimistic. Better luck next week!